Chase Guttman



Author of one of the first-ever books on the topic of drone cinematography and photography, Chase Guttman is an industry leader in the UAV space, highly sought after for his lecturing, instructing and training expertise. Guttman can help your team or you develop technical drone skills, acquire piloting experience, discover practical applications of UAV technology in your field and learn the fundamentals of cinematography and still photography from the ground or in the air.


Chase Guttman has lectured at the International Museum of Photography and Film, B&H, The Yale Club and The National Arts Club, to name a few. He’s been a panelist for the Content Council, China’s Power of the Image, The Newhouse School, New York Women in Communications and The New York Hall of Science.


Chase Guttman has instructed dozens of students from high schoolers to college students, professionals to retirees. He’s worked with groups of all different skill levels and has taught students at The School of the New York Times, the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, Tauck Tours, the New York Institute of Photography, Temple University, New York University and Syracuse University. He’s developed multiple curriculums on travel photography, drone photography and aerial cinematography and has trained professors on how to teach drone technology in the classroom.


Chase Guttman works with companies and organizations in a variety of different industries to introduce UAV technology and its relevant applications to businesses. In addition, he works with managers to help develop essential drone skills among company staff members.